Welcome ot Brickyard Kennels


In 1998, founder and dog lover Emily Pearl was planning an extended trip to Norway and had nowhere to take her beloved pooch Smudge.  She realized the only option that made her comfortable was to drive north 3 hours to her Nana Jackie. While sifting through mindless magazines and enjoying bad plane food, it occurred to her that there must be many people like her who wanted that same high caliber of dog care and boarding.  Having trained and run sled dogs, worked at the Fairbanks Alaska Humane Society, and managed a boarding kennel in Alaska, Emily was no stranger to top quality kennels.  It was on that flight that she decided to start Brickyard Kennels.

Eleven years later, Brickyard Kennels is one of the leading kennels in Maine. With 10 dog and cat lovers on staff, we continue to provide the best quality, attention and care for our doggies and kitties.


From Brenda Chandler:
"We've been customers of Brickyard Kennels for many years, having initially had them recommended to us by our veterinarian in the 1990s.  Our dogs, Hannah and Simon, have gotten great care there since they were puppies, but never was it more apparent than when the dogs got older and developed some health issues.  They truly gave extra TLC when our Simon was old and lame. We've lost Simon, but Hannah still enjoys going to BYK.  I'm sure she is pampered even more since she doesn't have her buddy Simon to hang out with. And if our daughter gets her way someday, there'll be another member of ourfamily to keep Hannah company when she visits BYK. We find the staff to be very caring and competent."

From Brenda Michelson:
"My biggest concern when I started traveling for business was the care of my Goldens.  Then, I found Brickyard.  My guys can't wait to greet the staff, play with the other dogs, and splash in the kiddie pool. With Brickyard in the picture, now my only business travel worry is flight connections."

From Shirley Savage:
“My boys -- two Bichon Frises and a Sheepdog -- love going to Brickyard for daycare, grooming and boarding. The staff is wonderful and extremely caring. I have complete trust that my boys will be well taken care of while they are at Brickyard. Thank you for building a fantastic business! Your staff couldn't be better. My boys do adore their time at Brickyard.”

From Joyce Peterson:
Like most people who have animals, we think of our two labs, Charlie and Lucy Peterson, as ‘family members with fur’.  What we perhaps love the most about Brickyard Kennels is that each and every employee we have encountered  in the past nine years treats our canine kids with care, concern, and love, and they become part of their family for the time they are visiting.“

From Beth De Simon:
“Our Brittany Brie-Z has been vacationing at Brickyard since she was 8 months old.  She is now ‘9’ years old.  Brickyard is her home away from home.  I do not worry when we are away even for two weeks, as I know she will be receiving as much attention as she does at home.  I would highly recommend Brie-z's second home.”