Welcome ot Brickyard Kennels


We are proud to offer our customers the highest quality companion animal boarding services in the area. Our highly trained staff and comfortable modern facilities provide your pet with a safe and enjoyable stay every time.  Whether you’re away for a weekend, a week’s vacation, or a three-month journey; we offer both short and long term boarding. 


We offer several types of sleeping arrangements for our boarding dogs. Our spacious dog kennels have heated tile floors and cozy lambskin bedding.  All kennel enclosures are large enough for multiple dog families to stay together if desired.

In addition to the regular individual enclosures, we have three large exercise pens. There are tires to jump on, dog houses to play in, and in the summer time, kiddie pools to splash around in.  We have a variety of crates available for our furry friends who are crate-trained and prefer the same comforts they get at home. In addition, we have a larger space for the senior and arthritic dogs so they have plenty of room to roam and stretch without the confinement of a crate.  Bottom line: we strive to make our doggie friends as comfortable as possible with a variety of cozy options.

The dogs play throughout the day with a designated rest time.  We also offer dog walking at an additional cost. We provide our animals with fresh water at all times, and we will administer any medications at no additional cost.

We also provide food & treats at no additional cost, or you may bring your own. The food we serve is Nutro Adult Lamb & Rice, Nutro Senior & Nutro Lite.

What’s more, if you board with us for 3 days or longer, your dog will receive a free bath before he/she goes home!

Doggie Boarding Day Rates
Single Dog: $40
Additional Dog (sharing kennel): $30 each


Our cats get to lounge in 3-story private kitty condos with central heating and bright skylights. A special room is dedicated to the adventurous kitty with rope-covered posts and ramps galore for climbing. Cats are provided with soft beds, and they always have fresh water.

Cat Boarding Day Rates
One Cat: $24
Additional Cat: $18 (sharing condo)


We require proof of vaccines prior to the start of your dog or cat’s boarding. For dogs: Rabies, Distemper and Kennel Cough. For cats: Rabies, Distemper, and Leukemia test or vaccine.