Welcome ot Brickyard Kennels


Please call or email us directly for reservations, any questions, or to schedule a visit.
Phone: 207-829-5661
Email: byk@bykme.com

14 Snowhook Trail
North Yarmouth, ME 04097

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What happens if my dog gets sick while at the kennel?
On site, we can handle general sickness, diarrhea, small scratches or abrasions. If the illness or problem is more severe than that, we would call your vet first (if it’s during business hours) and assess the situation based on their diagnosis. If it is after hours, we would call animal emergency and make decisions based on our discussions with you. If we can’t get a hold of you, we would make decisions as we would for our own personal pets.  In the case of emergency transport, there is a transportation and employee fee.

 2. I live in South Portland… will you pick up my dog?
We do our best to accommodate everyone and we offer pickups and drop offs for an additional fee depending on distance and timing.

3. Do you provide pick up and drop off service for grooming and daycare too?
Yes, for an additional fee depending on distance and timing.

4. Do you provide dog walking when my dog is at the kennel?
Yes, this is a new exciting service for us as we have many hills to roam with our furry friends. We do charge an additional fee so you must request a walk.

5. We have two dogs and a cat – can you accommodate our whole family?
Yes -- all of our kennel enclosures are large enough for multiple dog families to stay together if desired. We will not, however, put two dogs that are not from the same family in a kennel. Your cats can luxuriate in our “catery”!

6. How far in advance do I have to book my reservation?
During the average week a few days notice is all that is needed. During busy times such as Holidays and school vacations, it is best to book at minimum a month in advance.

7. Do I need to make an appointment for just daycare?
If you have already visited with us before, no appointment is needed, but is appreciated.

8. I have special food I feed my dog, or I make my dogs food, or add something to it such as yogurt, chicken or carrots. Will you prepare meals like this?
Yes we will, we have a refrigerator as well as a microwave to prepare your dogs meals.

9. Is there someone in the building over night?
From 8:30pm until 7am there is no one at the kennel. All of the dogs are well secured in their own sleeping quarters and we are also wired to the Fire Department if something should arise. We assure you that your dog is sleeping safe & sound over night.

10. Do you accept credit cards?
Visa & Mastercard

11. Should I bring their dog bed & toys?
We have a large supply of dog beds and one will always be provided. We also have toy bins with kongs, nylabones & stuffed toys. You can feel free to bring items from home, but please let our staff know about special toys that should not be shared w/others. Sometimes a toy might not come back in its original condition due to vigorous play with multiple dogs. We will not be held responsible for the loss of those personal items so choose your toys and beds wisely.

12. Are you open on Holidays?
Yes we are although we do have limited hours of operation.
9-10am & 4-6pm.